Weekly Inspiration

We hate to say it, but we're definitely working for the weekend this week. To keep us motivated, we set up a few fun appointments through this week and are inspired by the five things below. Xx. 


watermelon. frose. what. 

is there any part of this that doesn't sound delicious? we don't think so.

serious hair feels

summer 'do, summer travel, placing her best foot forward, Em is having her hair done this week, and this look is serious inspiration. all about that lived in look.

broccolini with grilled lemon, pine nuts, & aleppo chile

a recipe we can bulk prep and eat throughout the week with no complaints? that's a yes from us.


what to do with a headache

working hard? don't get sidelined by a headache and overthink it into oblivion. these are stellar tips. 


these pool floats

these summertime essentials are a must for this weekend at the beach or pool -- they're fun, not as expensive as you might think, and did we mention fun?