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Welcome to an all-new, monthly series featuring how-to posts. I haven’t quite decided how it will evolve, but that’s the fun in it all. To start, I thought we would talk about journaling.

Journal means a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary -- a definition from the dictionary.

Every morning I write my morning intentions, gratitude, goals, and sources of fun & adventure. Every night I check off what I accomplished, make notes for the next day, detail how I nourished myself, find something I am proud to have accomplished, an experience that did not serve my mind or my body, and a kind, loving comment before bed.

It is easy, doesn’t take more than ten minutes, and provides a moment of introspection before the rush of the day while also preventing the swirl of criticisms, shoulds, and thoughts before bed. Cool stuff.

I used to think my words had to be profound. Now though, I keep it simple and have greater joy. I no longer edit what I think and write anymore; I find it tedious and overwhelming.

Journal to help you heal, grow, and flourish.

What You’ll Need //

  1. Something to write on or in… This can literally be anything. A notebook, sketchbook, stack of notecards, post-its. You can journal on your computer, but I find it less personal and creative—if you have a tablet, you could get the app paper and then handwrite or draw in those pages.
  2. Something to write with… Use pens, pencils, colored-pencils, sharpies, paint, paper and glue.
  3. Pictures, magazines, newspapers, glue, paper, etc. For the days where writing is impossible, find inspiration and put it in your journal—the next time you’re stuck or don’t feel like writing, there will be something for you to look back on .

What to Write About // everything & anything!

  • your life
  • your passions
  • what you are fueled and inspired by
  • your interests
  • secrets
  • love affairs and romances you don’t even have to write!
  • paste pictures
  • doodle

What not to do //

  • critique what you do – it was where you were in that moment in time… honor and respect what has shaped who you have become
  • scribble things out – you were honest… just roll with it
  • rip out pages – you can always just write or paste over them!

Journaling benefits, tips,  & links // there are a million tips but that’s tedious. simple & easy steps below... 

  • Try and do it every day -- when you journal everyday you really harness your inner voice and expression… try starting everyday for three weeks and see if you miss it after that
  • Keep it simple – journaling isn’t meant to be overwhelming; it’s supposed to be an act of love and checking in
  • Keep it private -- this helps stop self-judgment and critique because it’s between you and the pages
  • Enjoy yourself! it’s not hard… just write, draw, paste what you like and try not to get caught up in the idea of perfection

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[pictures by your truly]