Firday Finds ~ 8.29.14

Admittedly, I spent a lot of time working on the blog yesterday. That popcorn was good, huh? So much time that I had to go against my usual no-work-after-seven idea and was hitting the books until nine. Which was okay, because it was math and nutrition courses--my life felt more complete than it had before… a little weird but there you go-- but it kind of threw off my routine.

This week has been all around fantastic and crazy and frustrating. I started classes on Tuesday and they are absolutely amazing. I think it’s going to be a great semester. With my friends returning to campus, I was able to talk too much, rant a little, and not eat a la single. Mixed in there was this not-so-good feeling and I started to get frustrated without any particular reason, which only makes me more frustrated, because I like to know everything going on within my body. Anyone else get this way?

Anywayyy, I ended up with the sniffles and sneezes (hoping it’s not anything more than allergies) and I’ll probably be staying in, drinking tea, watching Netflix, playing with the blog, making notecards, taking pictures, and drawing all weekend.

How about you? Anyone have awesome weekend plans? Comment below :) …

By the way… I’m on Pinterest!!

I’m going to start posting my blog pictures on there, so feel free to follow me. xxoo.

And without further ado…


If you’re a vegan, arm yourself with answers for the inevitable But where do you get your protein from???!!!

I have always wanted freckles, so why I’m not sure why I didn’t start this trend first? A Cup of Jo has an awesome tutorial. Love Joanna.

Adult Content: For the Women Who Don’t Give a F*** --- this will forever be my go to inspiration. Not giving an eff doesn’t mean you don’t care; it means respecting and loving yourself enough to not be bothered by societal norms and pressures.

I just really want these yoga pants in orange… because my apparel consists of cozy sweaters, flowy shirts, yoga pants, and stretchy dresses and shorts. Can I get an OM?


I love you all so so so so so much. This weekend I’ll be posting a How-To post to kick off a monthly series! Think pencils and paper and thoughts…

Be happy, healthy, and healing, and life will set you free.



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