Weekly Finds || 7.17.15



 || Annnnnnddddd Exhale. ||

It has been a crazy month, as I'm (Emily, here!) sure it's been for everyone. I've been here, there, and everywhere yet nowhere all the same. I've taken a leap of faith and realized that sometimes, it isn't enough. I've tried and failed, cut my losses, started again, and realized that celebration doesn't always have to happen at the completion of a project. I've helped other people find their truth and get ready to propel forward into their niche while I have felt slightly left behind. But all that mindset changes today. Reality is what grounds us, but hope, inspiration, and passion are what ignite our futures. I'll try to remember this idea, and maybe together we can quit living in a fear of impossibility and start dreaming from a place of what's the worst that could happen?

+ What are you up to this weekend? I'm hanging on vacation, so I'd love to chat!

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Do you know how much water you eat?

Well we all know how much I love pineapples. Here's a daiquiri in a pineapple. Yes.

If you watch this whole video of endangered sea otter pups playing, you will be happy.

What to share and not to share in a relationship. Interesting and valid in my opinion.

You're probably just Type A-Minus. Funny and true.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always. Have a great weekend! xx

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Weekly Finds || 6.26.15

 || Getting in the Zone ||

Note to self: moving at 1000 mph does not a more productive and successful woman make. In doing so, I (Emily) ended up with a coffee-fried computer, an unscheduled 5 day break, and a desire to tear my head off my head. Cue the need to reset and refresh, coming back with a better than ever mindset. New content went published this week, even though last week's Finds had to go unpublished (frown & sigh). That being said, I've got some great ones for you this week! For the weekend, I'll be DIYing some shorts, a crop top, and a bralette and reading this great book. Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

+ What are you up to this weekend?

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Getting ready for my next trip, I always turn to packing tips & tricks. This 5-4-3-2-1 guide is gold.

The disease of being busy. A worthwhile read, babes.

Funny, I was just thinking about doing this. Favorite Trader Joe's picks! Yummo!

Great drinks made from summer shrubs. Yes, please!

Great computer screen downloads (free). Great site in general.

Five TED talks to inspire productivity. Thank goodness.

Stop saying you're "fine" and say what you actually think.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


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Weekly Finds || 6.12.15

 || and the plates keep spinning ||

Trying to type faster to get all of this done really makes me wonder how my brain doesn't short circuit and cut out all the time. Crazy. No digital detox for me this week! So many ideas, not enough time, too much to do! Breathe, Em, breathe. I have all of these plates spinning, balancing on thinly constructed pegs, and I should be concerned, but I love them all with such a passion that I don't want any of them to fall and break. At the same time, I don't want to take any of them off their peg, even for a second. Do you have the same problem? Worth a post on it's own, I think. Stay tuned, it'll be here next week.

+ What are some plates you're spinning?

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Love DIYs -- Pine Serving Tray.

Buy these things now if you see them at the Farmers Market.

Netflix did what?!

The 'new' eating disorder on the block. Something myself and I'm sure some of you have struggled with.

Was just thinking of breaking in new t-shirts. Check. Manifested.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


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