Weekly Finds || 6.12.15

 || and the plates keep spinning ||

Trying to type faster to get all of this done really makes me wonder how my brain doesn't short circuit and cut out all the time. Crazy. No digital detox for me this week! So many ideas, not enough time, too much to do! Breathe, Em, breathe. I have all of these plates spinning, balancing on thinly constructed pegs, and I should be concerned, but I love them all with such a passion that I don't want any of them to fall and break. At the same time, I don't want to take any of them off their peg, even for a second. Do you have the same problem? Worth a post on it's own, I think. Stay tuned, it'll be here next week.

+ What are some plates you're spinning?

Did you miss what a health coach was or getting down and dirty with toxins?


Love DIYs -- Pine Serving Tray.

Buy these things now if you see them at the Farmers Market.

Netflix did what?!

The 'new' eating disorder on the block. Something myself and I'm sure some of you have struggled with.

Was just thinking of breaking in new t-shirts. Check. Manifested.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


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