A Different Kind of Nutrition


So today I need to do something different. I’ve been burning my candle at both ends lately, and while the light is bright and vibrant and flickering against the walls and the sky, every second that goes by, the wick gets shorter and shorter until there might not be anything left. If you’ve read my earlier musings, I struggled to repair both wick and light in the darkness of the winter months. To do that again, to have to do that again, would mean missing out on this magical place called Earth. And I don’t want to leave any of you or the little voice inside my head that begs to stand on her stepstool and shout to the heavens of her worthiness. I’m doing so many writings and creations over here that sometimes my mind gets lost. And when my schedule gets out of wack and the plates are spinning a little too fast for comfort, rather than burn out and disappear I want to respect myself and you enough to step back. Even if it is just for today.

In my planner, I wanted to write about chia seeds today. Then my mind was plagued with fear that no one would be interested or that we have seen enough of those black little seeds to last a lifetime. It didn’t matter that I wanted to write about it and share an exquisite kitchen staple. Which is wrong and just shows how I planned myself into self-doubt – a low vibrational energy that just simply doesn’t need to have a presence in my life.

There is a different kind of nutrition far too overlooked. And that is the nutrition of the mind and soul. And when the elements taken in by the body – be it food, outside influence, etc – are tainted, the mind and soul become dull, just like our skin when it isn’t hydrated or not filled with vibrant leafy greens. And with a dull mind and soul, we burn our candles out too fast; forget to take chances; live in fear and envy and anger. We forget what it means to be a child; to laugh, color, and play. We become stuck, and we become a lesser version of ourselves, because it is easier to withdraw.

Well I’m standing beneath the moon to see the shining halo that surrounds it in a sea of darkness. I’m standing beneath the moon to see hope and truth and existence in tranquility. And I turn that within myself to recharge my good vibes and radiate out only sweet intention. I’m going to spend my morning getting ready for a lunchtime adventure, enjoying my classes even if they are exhausting, finding peace in the time I give myself to work, and imagining recipes to display on this site I call home.

Maybe it isn’t what the blogosphere expects, but it is what I need. It is the different nutrition that I have been craving all week but have been adamant against. I will be back with my fingertips sliding across the keys tomorrow… maybe even tonight. But right now, chia seeds and traditional ideas of sustenance must be set aside. And you know what? I bet they will be all the better for this break.

Liza Rae over at There’s Beauty in Recovery (click on the image under Musings Elsewhere in the sidebar) will be adding my newest contribution to her site today if you are interested and would like to explore the depths of yoga as a tool of healing.

I love you all infinitely more than you could ever imagine.


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