Finally Friday... Again of Course!


Hooray for all the lovely writers and bloggers and photographers out in the universe that post such inspiring and magnificent work online. I am so blessed to go on the Internet each morning and find such incredible works of art – be cause they really are art. You could say I am beyond grateful to read the works of others that so articulate the passion lodged in my throat. I am so blessed to be in this time period, so humble, and so responsible for the attitude, perceptions, and acceptance needed when I put my fingers to keys, pen to paper, and voice to air. I post thought provoking content on my blog as well as silly things like micropigs and food and yoga pants. To me, these are just as important as the links that are pages long and worth an attentive and engaging read.

I woke up this morning feeling a lag. My muscles didn’t work quite like they could, I wasn’t really into getting out of bed, and I sat in the dark for a long while, only having my twinkle lights casting a glow on my journal and coffee. Am I sick? Just tired? Run down? I don’t know. But I am here and ready to share with you the loves I found this morning tearing through the cyberspace walls and begging us to connect just a little bit more. I don’t know what I’ll be up to this weekend: maybe a movie with friends, maybe tailgating but probably not, maybe eating and lounging and binge Netflix watching. Either way, I know it will be just right.

What are you up to this weekend?


each week this title is different because I’m tring to find something I love.. any suggestions?

Beautiful sweater inspiration.

A chile fit for the sweater weather season.

Nothing Looks as Beautiful as Joy Feels.

At first my feminism took over… then I realized there is judgment on both sides and history does not dictate when or when not to apologize and make right.

A riddle proving we must raise our sons and daughters to never question the equality between men and women.

A book I might have to go buy … by the original Don Draper.

But I just found this. YES.

That’s it folks. I’m checking out, doing some Linear Algebra, watching Californication, and considering eating all the food in my room. Typical. (note: just woke up from a nap and that always makes me hungry – not that you needed to know that).

Let me know what’s up!