This Too Shall Pass ||10.15.14

This was originally posted to There's Beauty in Recovery last week... jump through to the site at the end of the excerpt to read more...

Mantra: “I release all that does not serve me. I harness all the good that lives within.”

I’d love to say that I’m as perky as I’ve been – that the sun and moon and stars revolve around my splendor in perfect orbit and I could bounce upon the highest of mountains and scream at the top of my lungs about delicious excitement and expression. But in reality, I want to run back to my little home away from home and hide under the covers. Life right now makes me want to scream and shout with tired eyes and a soul that just wants a hug that means more than a senseless hello. Life just isn’t making sense to me, loves, and I’m at a loss for what to do. I’ve nipped the negative body talk in the bud – though it sprouts back with a vengeance upon every clip. My heart is begging for a mate that looks into my eyes and reads my soul — someone who knows more about me than anyone else and is willing to lie with my pain and not ask questions. My mind wants to ask why I am so messed up, but I know that this question is futile – there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. The world is just taking its sweet time unfolding ... [keep reading]

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