Friday Finds || 10.17.14


Last weekend was incredible, and it's hard to imagine that it's already Friday. I am just so blessed with my Kuhla (kula? I like the h? make my own word?). These woman are so inspiring and incredible and magical. The energy is shifting this Divine Planet. Wow. I am honored to be encouraged by these precious souls.

I'm home again for the weekend and ooo do I have some great plans for this blog. Maybe some fall recipes? Wink wink. Anything you'd like me to work on? Let me know in the comments. I'll be drinking coffee, picking pumpkins, wearing my new leg warmers like it's my job, and being blessed to write for all of my wonderful readers.

Share your light, loves. Let it shine to all those you meet. And on the days that it is too hard to shine, pretend you feel 100 percent and shine a little brighter. Smile until you laugh at how silly you look. Laugh at a funny panda video or write out all of your negativity on a peace of paper and burn it up. Your standing small does nothing to serve yourself or this earth. Love yourself first. It will all be okay.

Enjoy your weekend, fill it with the things you love and not the tedious, boring honey-do-list items. That all can wait. Live today. Be free.

What will you do to feel alive? What are you up to this weekend?



Scandal never ceases to amaze me. Love Mellie & Fried 'Chicken'.

As if I need any more apps to organize my life… oh well.

Zoned into my pulse this morning… these are such great quick meditations.

Love her work.

Because cookies at Halloween time can be festive.

I kind of love this corner wall gallery.

My mom was always really good at the “How was your day?” question, but these additional ones are fantastic! 

I might just have to get these napkins for a good dinner conversation. 

Have a safe and happy weekend. Explore, love, hope, and be yourself.