Contemplative Gratitude || 10.20.14

|| Monday Madness? ||

The fact that it is the 20th of October already sends shivers down my spine. How has the year flown by so quickly? What have I done this year? What am I going to do? What all have I accomplished as I near my birthday? It is humbling the way time passes -- so quickly if unappreciated and so deliciously paced when tapped into and harnessed. I wish for more of a slow down. More time to savor the way the fall leaves are changing and dropping, making walking beautiful and breezes content. I wish to savor each sip of my morning coffee rather than gulp it down on my way to class. I wish to savor these last days of blue skies before my need to hibernate becomes all to clear. I wish to savor what this season ignites in my heart and makes me question why's and how's and what if's.

This past weekend was so lovely. It was the first breath of fresh air I have taken in a long time. The kind of breath that goes all the way down to your toes and exhales in perfect harmony. I need more of those breaths. Everyone does. I'm not happy being back here in this place away from home. That is most certainly what it feels like. Just a place. But I will find a way around this, making it work to my desires and dreams.

This post, far more contemplative than intended speaks volumes to where my head has been these last months. What is it like to follow your dreams from a young age? Where are the role models who said 'stop' in their teens and learned to follow their truths and their passions? I need them more than ever right now.

Contemplative Monday... anyone else having one of those? How was everyone's weekend?


I am grateful for dogs filled with soul and heart. I am grateful for chips and salsa and humus. I am grateful for books for pleasure. I am grateful for unplugging my phone and really being present in my weekend. I am grateful for trips and new places. I am grateful for hopes and dreams and realizations. I am grateful for plans and lists. I am grateful for motivation. I am grateful for new things to add and old things to subtract. I am grateful for acceptance and appreciation. I am grateful for the now, for I am in it and trying my best to treasure it's moments.

What are you grateful for?


[weekend snapshots by emily friend + wedding flowers]