Contemplative Gratitude || 10.20.14

|| Last Monday of October||

My weekend was spent alone, sharing my time with my computer, my bed, a brisk walk on Saturday morning. I recipe tested for you all this week -- not as satisfied as I wish, but sharing with you none the less. I spent a lot of time writing and thinking, though. I think some weekends need to be about that kind of solitude -- just connecting with yourself until it clicks and you realize something needs slight tweaking or a huge overhaul.

Two exams this week, meetings, and activities galore... is it Friday yet? Juuustt kidding... don't wish your life away. I'd love to hear how you all are doing. How was everyone's weekend?


I am grateful for peace and quiet. I am grateful for binge watching TV. I am grateful for writing and crumpling it up, not pressing the delete button. I am grateful for patience, for I feel I need some more, but I'm sure I have enough. I am grateful for memories as long as they don't keep me stuck in the past. I am grateful for time alone, for one day I won't feel so lonely. I am grateful for life, for the use of my limbs, and for all around me that is available. I am grateful for the stars, the moon, and the sun, for at least they are consistent.

What are you grateful for?


[weekend snapshots by emily friend]