Enough Links to Fill the Weekend || Friday Finds || 10.24.14


This week has been nonstop -- from morning to night I've been working away. This weekend I'll be writing and watching and attending more trainings. I injured myself this week, pinching a nerve doing something silly and haven't been able to exercise my frustration. Hopefully I'll find the silver lining, though right now it's more of a dark, black cloud. Most likely just exhaustion. A lot of fun projects this weekend, though. Next week you'll find a recipe for caramel, a how-to on being the most productive you, and a gentle piece on the importance of gratitude -- I hope you do enjoy.

I've got a lot of crazy things happening in my life right now, wondering whether I share that with you all or keep it tucked inside until a later date -- not sure. I'm trying to be authentic and true in this blogosphere. Please let me know what I can do to make that more accessible for all of you and truly create a loving space where we can all speak freely and lovingly and openly.

Until next week... enjoy the links, loves.

How are you spending the weekend?


How I feel when people don’t love what I love. Big mistake. Huge.

Great idea when you’re thinking of joining forces with somebody else – the 70 rule to delegate.

As the holiday season approaches us and parties start to dictate our calendar, here’s how to estimate when people will arrive at the party.

Words to banish from email – I’ve been using quite a few of these bad boys.

Midterm Elections are around the corner… educate yourselves by my favorite news hotspot, The Skimm.

End cyber bullying, led by the original, and probably most famous, survivor.

A beautiful article about a timeless fashion icon and the princess he created before his death this week.

Actually doable and accomplishable (made this word up) items to tack onto your morning routine… and as it says, only 10 minutes.

Sweater weather is upon us… do you know how to care for them?

The manly man site tells us how to get more Z’s.

Posted this on facebook yesterday… my favorite creator of the moment.

The simplicity in beautiful looks.

Have a cozy and happy weekend. Explore, love, hope, and be yourself.