Boo! It's Halloween || Friday Finds


I cannot believe it's Halloween already -- my favorite time of the year!!! I'm being a pineapple tonight -- inspired by the picture above. Fun right? What are you being tonight? This week was pure dedication for me; there were exams, interesting posts, pictures to edit, fun things to share, and a need for love and exploration and adventure. Busy! But now tomorrow is my birthday -- as you can read on the countdown to the right, and it is such an interesting pace and mind that I leave my teens and head into my twenties. Wow. It still shocks me to say that. It isn't as if the number is scary, but the monumental jump to true adulthood is gratifying and humbling. The feeling is pretty darn cool. Next week I'll be throwing a little post out there about age and turning twenty, but I also wanted to touch on the blog's posts this week. The How To three part productivity series kicked off on Tuesday: Part I + Part II + Part III. And yesterday I compared quick and easy Caramel recipes for your tastebuds -- I hope you enjoy! Lastly, but for me, most importantly, I wrote on the peace that can be found in gratitude, and I think as we rush ourselves into the holiday season and begin to lose touch with what true graciousness means, we need to come back to center and refocus on what it means to be filled with humbling attitude and peace. I hope you found this week's posts to be encouraging, freeing, and yummy. If you have any ideas for content you'd like to see on the blog, let me here em! Love you all -- have an amazing weekend xx

How are you spending the weekend?


Right in line with this week's How To series ... here's how to write a productive to-do list.

Great party idea: have a floral bar.

Because I’ve always wondered what I would do in the event of an earthquake… no really, I’m not being sarcastic, ask my mom.

8 things recruiters look for and a few things they don’t care an ounce about.

Found this great blog: honestly yum + this one: style me pretty.

Embrace what is working… and give yourself a break -- beautiful.

Because bread is heavenly and I wanted to lick my screen.

The grace and beauty of dancers – can I be one please?

Happy Halloween and Happy All Saints Day tomorrow! Have a cozy and happy weekend. Explore, love, hope, and be yourself.