Kick the Weekend Off Right|| Friday Finds || 11.7.14


How has everyone's week been going? Has it been triumphant? Sad? Lazy? Comfortable? Peaceful? Exciting? Our weeks are what we make them -- I could say I've had an exhausting week, that work has somehow gotten away from me, and I feel behind, or I can focus on the good, like how I've protected a friend, spent my week living instead of being routine, made a careless purchase that felt so good, ate too much ice cream and too many chips and felt fantastic. I could say I've woken up late every day this week, or I could recognize that my nights were significantly later, and my body was praying that I'd let it sleep a little longer. I could say a lot of negative things, but what good does that do for my life? All it does is beget more negativity. So I will find the joy and the laughter and the beauty in sadness that kisses my nose and says this is why life is worth living.

This weekend I'm headed back home for my final yoga training weekend! Oh my gosh, I cannot (!) believe it's already been eight months with these incredible women. Such light, such transformation, amazing. I'll be catching up on playtime with my baby dog, Dellie while the new puppy jumps all over her --wish I could bring them back withe me to school -- and maybe catch up on some TV or Sunday night football! Woo! Love the weekend.

How is your attitude towards life these days? How are you spending the weekend?


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Thanksgiving is gonna be great this year!

Wise words. & More Wise Word

Have a positive and happy weekend. Explore, love, hope, and be yourself.