Harmony through the Holidays & a Little Meditation || 12.03.14

This was originally posted to There's Beauty in Recovery last week... jump through to the site at the end of the excerpt to read more...

... The truth is, we never see the moments that we are beautiful. We will never see the twinkle in our eyes when we lock glances with the cute boy or girl or the way our cheeks blush in the cool wind. We never get to see our pure smiles, so filled with light that it touches the irises of our eyes as we laugh or share a precious moment. We never get to see the passion that flows beneath our skin while telling a story or recalling a memory. We never get to see the very instances that make us most vibrant. But each and every one of us, you beautiful lights out there and little ol’ me, we all contain that beauty. We all light up at something in our lives but are so lost in our pain that we dull ourselves to shine a little less, to disappear, to hide. What a travesty. Life is meant for living and loving and breathing great gulps of this beautiful, divine Earth.

So here’s a little holiday mediation for when the blues of our mind outweigh the glorious possibility of this season... [keep reading]

How will you find the beauty in both yourself and the world this holiday season?