Needed Friday Finds || 12.05.14


Thank the Divine being above that I am finishing my last day of classes today and will be home midweek next week. A little dramatic? Perhaps. But really, I wasn't sure I'd make it through this semester, so this is amazing. I spent the week kind of in a daze. My schedule thrown for a loop and even though there were less requirements, I felt busy and bored at the same time. Maybe something's happening with the planets out there.

Anyway, I plan on spending the weekend watching TV in the morning and studying into the evening. I'm hoping to celebrate a little on Sunday (I got a job yesterday! Woohoo!) but other than that really working towards class. Can't wait to get home and crank out some holiday fun with my loves.

If you haven't listened to Pentatonix yet for your holiday music... get going. They're 'Little Drummer Boy' is the best I've ever heard.

How are you spending the weekend? What are you excited about for next week?


Great look for the holidays. Might just have to try it.

Eight things only someone awesome in your life would share.

Stop thinking you must act like, be like, or work like a man to succeed. Success is not limited to gender.

Really interesting finds in this weekly series.

I'm thinking of Christmas and gifts and these stocking stuffers are amazing.

[ANIMAL EDITION ] Adopting a kitty can be hard work, but this retriever shows how much love you can find.

And here's some more dogs making a car ride look like the next best thing.

Have a cozy, warm, and happy weekend. Find something that makes your smile spread from ear to ear Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.