Booyah! Three Day Weekend. || 1.17.15

 || Crazy, Hectic, & Unapologetic ||

Just a quick check-in and then off to the links we go! Honestly, I didn't think this week was going to be so rough. I thought I would breeze back to school and move swiftly into the perfect routine, balancing everything under the moon like a wizard. HA! So not true. My classes all caught me pretty off guard, so any grand intentions I had for this space were wiped clean as I tried to prioritize my life. Not to worry, I have some great ideas coming your way. I promise this time. I have some new editions to the recovery blog that I will be linking to, some great nutrition post ideas, and maybe getting more into some yoga. That being said, I am going to slow down and be mindful of everything I am doing -- I have to leave room for spontaneity! Please continue to read, and bare with me as I navigate this new semester and find my rhythm -- I promise it will be worth the wait. Xx.

What are you up to this weekend?


How to make those goals stick. 4 great and amazing tips.

10 ways to reduce your stress. Chill out, man :-).

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How to really clean your closet.

Great interior trends of 2015. 

Love Emily McDowell's cards.

I love this color palette -- it's how I feel every gloomy, doomy winter.

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