Super(Bowl) Weekend Finds || 1.30.15

 || Fast Intense Week, Relaxed Laid Back Weekend ||

Was I lazy this week or was I overly productive with things not on my to-do list. I'm staying optimistic and not deciding. A busy week for me -- have you checked out my Work With Me tab above? Holistic Health Coaching? We're a go. It's still being all planned out and finished, but it's in the beginning stages, and I'm ready to work with you on your health -- both mind & body. Annnywayyy, I've got some fun things in the making -- Valentine's Day recipes, nutrition posts, some yoga bliss, and general feel good fun. Still trying to stay on top of everything -- but do what you love, and love what you do, right?

I'm going exploring tomorrow with a friend of mine, being spontaneous in my heart, and setting myself up for an awesome weekend. Superbowl on Sunday? I hope so. My professor told my class today that the Superbowl was named after the super ball (you know that ball that bounces way too high when you throw it into the ground -- injuries are a definite) -- apparently during the merge between the AFL and NFL, the son of one of the league's figureheads was playing with the ball and, well, one thing led to another. Think it's true? If not, I like it anyway.

What are you up to this weekend? Watching the game?


Beautiful lace dress. Looking for a more inexpensive option now.

Definitely love this idea for having my own business. Make make admin day Wednesdays.

A fascinating take on children's playtime.

Why it's so quiet when it snows.

 Beautiful bathroom makeover.

Making these confetti sticks for my 21st birthday without a doubt.

For those planning their football party and tailgating plans, here's a guide

Love this minimalism challenge.

This french girls trick to getting dressed is genius.

The idea of walking someone to the door and waiting for them to leave is beyond lovely.

Loved this art tab over on Miss Moss. 

Basically the size of my place now. Beautiful design.


Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.