Written while home with dogs on a couch that isn't my bed || 4.4.15

 || Hellooo Long Weekend ||

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just feel different? Like somewhere in the universe, a moon and a star aligned for you to feel not like yourself but not entirely in a bad way? It's happening to me. It's a wild thing, this not being yourself but not hating the new you taking residence over your body, mind, and soul. Below is a little sneak preview to the draft of this week's post on embracing the self, and then it's on to some weekly finds!

I like weird pairings like Birkenstocks and socks, and things that shouldn't taste good, taste good to me, like chlorella tablets, unsweetened raw cacao, Trader Joe's tofu, and cheap champagne. I like imagining the good in people first and seeing the unexpected later. I like to have high expectations, but sometimes I convince myself they aren't there so I can enjoy life without disappointment. I want to go to all the festivals in the world, but I'm a little scared of not showering or not being able to drink enough water. Some days I feel like the oldest soul alive...

What are you up to this Easter weekend? Do you celebrate Easter?


Finally a book guide.

Email etiquette – some of us need it.

If you thought you weren't into Zombies, try it again -- iZombie and Rose McIver have my heart.

A smoothie a day keeps the body happy, healthy, and healing. Right there is a guide to smoothies without a recipe. Also, be sure to try out the smoothie of love.

A hell of a costume creator -- thank you Janie Bryant for the beautiful vision that is Mad Men fashion.

20 embarrassing phrases even educated people use -- guilty of a couple.



Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


Want to feel like a million bucks with high energy, self-love, and freedom from fad-diets? Let’s work together.