Weekend, Meet Go-Getter || 3.28.15

 || Hello, Weekend. What's your hurry? ||

The best thing to do in the world is sleep in until the sun on your cheeks awakens you -- and then not to get swept up with anything trying to hold you back and make you crazy. Less than one week from now, I'll be snuggling with puppies, eating candy, and hugging my mom. But until then, I'm all I've got, so I'm going to stay optimistic, hopeful, encouraged, and ready for anything.

I'll be watching the latest season of Suits, catching up on a lot of work, and breaking this self-imposed barrier I've got in my mind. Also, thinking of yummy things to share with you. What about you?

What are you up to this weekend? How's your team doing?


Cannot wait to try out some of these easy spring projects.

How I’ll be dealing with dirty hair from now on -- head scarves for the win.

Thank goodness Amanda Knox is finally innocent – let’s put it to rest and be over.

Definitely want to live here – like real badly.

I’m still waiting to read Gone Girl, but I’ll be adding these to the list as well.

A gallery of moving breakfast scenes to set that warm, cozy heart aflame.

My mom would cry if this were in my home, but it’s cute for an outdoor party.

Love this idea of teaching “topics” – America start taking some gosh darn notes before you ruin our future.

Love love love this dress in Navy.

Gah the cuteness of children and their heroes.

If this isn’t the truth about brain conversations at lunch, I don’t know what is.

What parental leave looks like when it’s accepted and given for 480 days. Hell. Yes.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


Want to feel like a million bucks with high energy, self-love, and freedom from fad-diets? Let’s work together.