G R A T I T U D E || 4.13.15

I am definitely undefinable and impossible to place within the confines of a definition, but boho soul sounds just right. Last week I talked of embracing yourself and some simple steps to do so -- anyone try it? I'm curious. Let me know by leaving a reply, commenting on facebook, or any other way you wish. 

I am grateful for sleep, laughter, good friends, yummy food, being able to laugh at myself, finally settling into my body and who I am in this moment, people who keep me on track and remind me of my priorities, fun information, pretty pictures, swirly dresses, only three weeks left of class, torn jeans, teaching yoga classes, and generally gearing up for an awesome life.

+ What are you grateful for? xx.

p.s. liked the video from last week on training wheels green smoothies? this time, it's all about the seasonal and local produce baybayyy -- tips and tricks brought to you in under three minutes coming your way on thursday :)

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