More || Embrace Yourself Series Pt. II

This is part of the Embrace Yourself Series. It's all about leaving the notion of fitting into boxes behind and instead, finding the space within to respect and value who we are in this very moment. See the first post and first steps from last week here.

Sometimes, life wants you to be an image. But life is messy and glorious and anything but a picture perfect snapshot. How are you more?

I am more than my belly. I am more than the thoughts of others in regards to the female ideal. I am more than the ideal pick-up, the catcalls, or the careless compliments that verge on inappropriate. I am more than advertisements telling me I must lose more weight or grow more inches or eat this something or other. I am more than blue eyes and blonde hair. I am more than the clothes I do or do not wear. I am more than the size of my chest, the stretch of my jeans, more than the way I fill out my sweaters, more than the height of my heels or the tightness of my pants. Without a doubt, I am more than what is seen.

I am thoughts that take flight into action. I am a sweet dessert filled with the most wholesome and glorious ingredients. I am bare feet sinking into the sand with the waves crashing down. I am heart shaped confetti falling from a midnight sky. Giggles that turn into kisses and smiles that turn into the longest hugs, I am love incarnate. I am not defined by my size, by the thoughts of others, or by the events that happen in the past. I am even more than these little thoughts, but sometimes more can be too much and acknowledgement is just enough.

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