V I D E O || A Seasonal Produce Guide: Spring 2015 Edition

|| A Spring Produce Guide ||

find out what's in season and the hows and whys behind buying seasonally and locally

|| April & Spring Produce Guide ||


+ artichokes + mushrooms + beans + spring onions + arugula + new potatoes + sweet potatoes + zucchini + kale + spinach


+ strawberries + raspberries + citrus + apricots + avocados

|| Additional Resources ||

+ Find the local foods in your state by particular month and time of the month. Woohoo!

+ Below is a guide made by The Bountiful Year about all seasonal produce and we'll talk about them all as the seasons come and go. Enjoy! --


+ How will you incorporate seasonal produce into your current meal planning? Tell me on Facebook, Instagram, or in the Comments below!

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