Try Not to Freak Out. Just Read the Finds. ||4.19.15

 || 2.5 Weeks to Go ... I'm sorry, WHAT?! ||

The weather is warming, the rain falling from the sky beckoning May flowers, and the time is short until I'll be packing my room and heading back to Wilmington for the next four months. Amazing how quickly time passes when you're growing older. Please slow down but speed up to the parts where I'm not quite so stressed, please. Is stress a state of mind? That's a thought for another week, but a thought I have often -- almost enough to cause more stress. Lawwwdddd. Let me go bury myself back under the covers while I figure out how to take back my life.

Coming up this week is a continuation of the Embrace Yourself Series. I'll be bringing up thoughts on being dependent, independent, and understanding what you want from someone in your relationship (whether it's within your family, in regards to being sexually intimate (gasp, I'm going there), or being romantically involved). Did you catch last weeks Spring Produce video? Also, catch the Embrace Yourself Series Pt. I and Pt. II. Xx.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you watching hockey? Who's your team?


I'm going to start doing this Plank Challenge on Monday ;). 

This warm salad looks yummy.

Vintage Wedding Photos that make me so excited to have my own (in ten years).

LOL. Yes. They woke up like this.

In a Madrid gallery, blind visitors can touch the artwork. Beautiful.

Buy experiences, not things.

Cheers to Bloody Mary's!

My summer hairstyle?

My future toilet paper roll holders just got a thousand times better.

How great is your eyesight? Yes this two minute video is worth it.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


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