Weekly Finds || 6.5.15

 || two days of R & R ... and lots of work ||

I had a little panic attack just now when I convinced myself that summer was over, and I had done nothing and was a total non-success -- ever have those days? It's not even officially summer, I've done plenty, will do plenty, and am already a success. Just. Like. You. It's normal to psyche yourself out every once and awhile, but important to be realistic and take a breath. You are doing so so so much. Seriously. Even on your worst day, just imagine how all of your cells are moving in harmony, and your body is humming -- even if it's in pain -- working hard hard hard at keeping you alive and thriving. So curve the corners of your lips into a smile, keep in on your face for the rest of the day, and remind yourself that today, you are enough, and you have plenty of life left to make everything happen. So stop stressing. Friday Friyay!

Have you tried to digitally detox yet? Maybe this weekend is exactly the right time. Read my post on it here.

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Who knew so many of my favorite actors and actresses used to be roomies?

I started a breathing class this week -- here are 15 benefits of nose breathing.

Just the best foods on sticks.

DIY Tassel Wine Charms. Perfect for a summer dinner party.

Witness a marriage proposal in heartbeats.

If Wes Anderson had directed The Shining.

This. Yes. Forget about likeability.

Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


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