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Avocado Toast: Simplicity at it's Best

Avocados contain loads of fiber and have great healthy fats, thus keeping our bodies healthy from hormone production and glowing with healthy skin, hair, and nails (amongst many, many, many other things). A great bread will give you a satisfying and beneficial carbohydrate source, more fiber, and depending on the nuts and seeds within, a varied nutritional profile. Pink Himalayan salt has been known to stabilize ph levels, blood sugar, and water levels in the body; detoxify your system; and promote good respiratory and vascular health. Hummus is filled with satisfying protein and nutrients for a happy tummy. Too good not to add, really.

When I'm in a rush and craving something yummy, nourishing, and energizing, I'm more than happy to toss these ingredients together, and hit the road. I hope you find this recipe easy and delicious.

Ingredients & Instructions

+ 1/4 - 1/2 Avocado

+ Slice of bread (I used an awesome gf & vegan bread from Sami's Bakery)

+ Pink Himalayan salt (regular salt works, too)

+ Pepper or other spices as desired

+ Variation: a tablespoon of hummus

Take your slice of bread -- toasted if desired, drop the avocado on top (for the variation, drop your hummus on there too), and with a fork mash it onto the bread. Top with salt and other spices if using, and take a huge bite. Enjoy! Seriously it's that easy.

+ have you tried avocado toast before? did you like it? comment below or on Facebook!