Snack Attack while Traveling

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In my carry-on you'll find: watermelon, carrot sticks, sprouted seeds, sliced lemons & an empty water bottle for much needed H20 for that dehydrating cabin.

I'm - Emily, here! - setting off on vacation today! Woohoo! I've definitely put in enough overtime to warrant a relaxing getaway, but I'll still be plugging in and chugging along on the work vibes for the next couple of weeks. My flights today will have me traveling for about five hours, so I thought I'd share with you what I'm taking snack-wise in my carry-on! When I have an early morning flight, I normally pack more substantial food for breakfasts and mid-morning snacks, but since I'll be traveling between noon and five, I'm just taking some protein, fruit, and veggies. My favesss (insert heart-eyed-emoji here).

Let the listing begin --

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Watermelon: I talked about it here, but basically it's a powerhouse of nutrition and a camel for water.

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Carrots: Aside from making my eyesight better, boost my immunity (you know how many people cough and spread germs on planes? ugh, contagion, I see you), help with my digestion, and keep my blood sugar regulated.

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Sprouted Seeds: I feel like I struck gold when I stumbled across these in Trader Joe's (I'm not sponsored, so you know my love is real). In this package you'll find sprouted buckwheat and millet, chia seeds, flax, red quinoa, shelled hemp seeds, and amaranth with nothing else added(!!!). This is perfect for my trip because I'm not quite sure what I'll be having for every meal. Worst case scenario, I grab a banana, and dip it in this little mix, and I have nutrients out the ying yang. Yes! I'll be sprinkling this on my watermelon if I need a little power boost.

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Sliced Lemons: These are one of those items that I traveled with once, and it was so magical that I'll never travel without them. Not only did these help with my common bloat while traveling, but they kept my mouth from drying out, my tummy happy, and me reaching back to my water bottle for more. Sometimes, it's just the palate cleanser I need without putting a dot of toothpaste on my finger (hush, I know we've all been there).

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Empty Water Bottle: Just like prime real estate runs around location, location, location, traveling revolves around hydration, hydration, hydration. Without adequate amounts of water, you bet your behind you'll be bloated, exhausted, dried out, and cranky. That sounds like a joy, doesn't it? I'm not a fan of plastic water bottles, so I pack an empty reusable bottle in my tote to go through security and then fill up once I've found my gate.

  So that's my foodie haul! Nothing major -- I'll be sure to write about my go-to snacks/meals for longer travels or road trips, but for a short and sweet jump, this is what I'm packing along! Be sure to tune into my snapchat (@efriend216) or follow me on instagram or twitter (both @yourfriend_em) for my travel adventures and foodie finds! xx

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