Because sometimes your brain just gets stuck...

for the brain -- “I am the loving operator in my mind.”

You have the immense power to control your thought. As the loving force behind the inner workings of your mind, you have the power to choose positivity over negativity, happiness over sadness, light over dark. It might not be easy, but when you choose love and operate from a place of truth, it becomes easier and easier to be filled with love and be filled with truth. You are powerful and remarkable and in control of your beautiful mind. It might feel overwhelming at first to be loving and kind but oh is this so important.

I invite you to try this. Guide your mind in a loving manner throughout your day. If something upsets you, turn inward and find something that excites you. Is there too much self-hate or negativity? Find gentle and kind words to soothe your soul. Look in the mirror and find five things that you love. Find five more. Try to love the parts you once hated.

Be present, be loving, and always be filled with hope.


[mantra recommended by the wonderful Louise L. Hay and pictures by Emily Friend]

Love, Approval, & Safety

for anxiety – “I love and approve of myself, and I trust the process of life. I am safe.”

Repeat this slowly to yourself, taking each word with a weighty curiosity. Place these words in your soul and see how you react. What do they mean to you? Mantras help us check in with ourselves, realize our hopes and dreams and aspirations, and shape our beautiful reality.

There is no one else you need to be at this moment. Trust yourself on this crazy and wild journey that is life. Let is absorb you and run through you and explode with passion and wonder. Know that the Divine has her plans all laid out, and you are safe and secure.

Believe and all will work out.


[mantra recommended by the wonderful Louise L. Hay and pictures by Emily Friend]

Let's Walk Around with this for the Day...



I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.


From the amazing and wonderful Louise L. Hay.


[image: found on pinterest... if you know the creator, please let me know; it is not my intention to steal beautiful work]