|| Stay Calm. Breathe Deeply. Love Honestly. Be Open. 11.5.14 ||


I had great plans for this week, but I've had a few emergencies come up over the last two days, so my great plans will flow more into next weeks plans. I'm sorry if you have been checking in for an update or a link or a post of enthusiasm. I do love your support. How do you handle disruptions in your life? Are you calm, cool, and collected, or are you frazzled and uncomfortable?

Have a safe and happy day. Be careful and take care of yourselves. And when in doubt just love. Love is all you need.


Gratitude Mondays ~ 3.24.14


Only 6 more days left in the month, and only one more Monday left of March. Thank goodness we can ascend into the beautiful spring and summer haze that emerges during April. I look forward to tank tops, flip flops, braided hair, and minimal makeup. Definitely not the snow predicted for tomorrow that's for sure. But this too shall pass? Humph.

Gratitude at it's best:

I am grateful for my 20 minute run and sixty minutes of yoga that followed.

I am grateful for new sneakers, not the slightest off balance or torn.

I am grateful for already made notecards (made over the weekend) that make studying a breeze this week.

I am grateful for having caught up on my sleep this past weekend.

I am grateful for coffee and tea and water with lemon.

I am grateful for the beautiful hydrangeas sitting potted on my desk, a lovely gift from two great friends.

I am grateful for my spirit, my attitude towards adventure, and my desire to live a fulfilled life of my choosing.

What are you grateful for?