How to Completely Reset in 30 Minutes

I've been doing this every weekend for the last month, and it's done miracles for my workweek. 

Weekend Coffee Dates.png

Let's be real. $14 for a cocktail when what you really want to do is just catch up with a person is exhausting. It's exhausting, because it would cost $2 if you made it at home, and it's loud at the bar, and you're already thinking twice about your goal to wake up the next morning and go for a run before the sun comes up -- if GNI is any indication, I'm not the only one here. 

Those nights can be capital F U N -- and I mean fun, because last Saturday I was sipping a cocktail and playing some (very bad) pool in the East Village. But, on the off chance you find yourself midweek drained emotionally, financially, maybe physically you might be looking for something that lifts your spirit. 

I've started doing this thing once a week. It's simple, costs less than $5, and has helped me grow my network and improve my well-being immensely. 


I've started going for coffee dates on Saturdays.

I've gone by myself to read, I've met a friend I hadn't seen in a little while to truly catch up, and I've used it as the perfect segue when establishing a new friend/connection after swapping information at a group event. 


When I say it has been lovely, those aren't even the right words. I used to do this every so often but didn't make a concerted effort to keep up with it until now. Now that I'm making it a priority, it isn't daunting! They normally last between 30 and 45 minutes, are inexpensive, because hello drip coffee, you are a goddess, and I've found that the relaxed nature on the weekend is great fodder for conversation -- there was a dog who was so cute on the way! have you looked at this brunch crowd? how was work this week? 

It's also an excellent reason to stay in on the weekend nights. My budget is a little tight right now. I've been wanting to still stay in touch with my best people but not at the expense of being unable to buy groceries for the week. This is the best of both worlds. I actually find that my network is growing and my friendships are strengthening, because, well, we're not drunk, and we're actually paying attention. 

But what do I order.

Simple. Coffee! Or tea! Maybe a pastry or a more substantial bite depending on when/where you are catching up. I've been sticking to drip coffee (max $3) and splurged last weekend on an almond milk latte ($5). 

Dress me. 

You're meeting for coffee, woohoo! That means relaxed comfort and casual brunch vibes. Thankfully, athleisure is here to stay. I've included my favorite looks below. 


Layers, Jeans, & Pop

Honestly, nothing is easier than a half up / half down hairstyle, a t-shirt (maybe the one you slept in? I'm not judging) underneath a crisp sweater, and a nice pair of jeans. The pop of color from the shoes is an unexpected surprise, and with everything else neutral, it really adds some great energy to the look. I might throw on a gold bracelet or a hoop earring for a little something extra. 


Neutral Game Strong

First of all, those joggers are gorgeous -- and so are any athleisure style garb you might have in your closet. A cute sweatpant might work here too. I'm loving this look because of the camel colors, really. They play a nice wintry vibe on what could be a very summery outfit. The jacket and turtleneck for warmth, yet the crop keeps it interesting and plays well against the high-rise of the pant. This is a throw on and run out the door kind of outfit (but cute enough that you could have spent all morning putting it together). If heeled booties aren't your thing, try nude flats or white sneakers. 


Here. For. This.

I will always celebrate leggings, a chic sweater, and an equally fabulous and over-sized scarf. It's my favorite look to fall back on and the best one, in my opinion, to rock on a Saturday. Simple rings and hair in either a top-knot or loose and flowy always pulls the look together. 

I'm side hustling hard this Saturday for my coffee rendezvous. Can't wait. Cheers to calmer vibes and energized souls! Xx. 

+ What do you think? Coffee dates yay or nay? Tell me in the comments below!

A Summer Polish - Self Care Habits

A Summer Polish - Self Care Habits

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Friday Finds: A New Ritual ...


I've written previously (here and here) about grief and sadness and being okay with not being okay, but I thought I'd share with you the one way right now I'm finding my little moments of happiness...


I've started buying myself flowers once a week.

It started out as a kind sentiment from a stranger at Trader Joe's who thought I could use some cheering up as I burst into tears at the checkout line. Then it was a gift from my incredibly sweet friend who wanted me to have a spark of beauty in a day that was all too tough. Finally it was about myself taking control and demanding a life a peace and love and happiness. So for less than six dollars a week, I'm buying myself flowers to sit on my windowsill and bring a glimpse of happy to the mornings I don't want to get out of bed or breathe deeply.

I wrote on social media this week the following:

"Sometimes it's not the grand gestures or the big things that get you through but the little things, the simple things, the imperfectly perfect things. A life of happiness isn't for people who have it magically figured out. A life of happiness is taking the happy moments and stringing them together through the rough and through the tough and through the awful. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to not be okay. That darkness makes the light all the brighter and all the more welcome. Let the light in any way you can. It's worth it. You're worth it. And if it's just to smell the roses, that's enough. To all those struggling today, I see you, and you are enough."


I am enough even when I don't feel worthy, and I deserve a life of happiness based on the terms of my choosing. Flowers are a beautiful reminder of blooming when you can and soaking up all the radiant sunshine and joy in the moments you are able. Sure, the blossoms fade, and eventually I must throw them out, but the peace they bring my heart is priceless, and the snapshots I'll have will last a lifetime.

String together the little things, babes, to make a life of Great Vibes. We are enough just as we are in this moment. Take it for all it's worth and make it great. Xx.

+ What can you do to add joy and Great Vibes to your life? Comment below!

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