Finally Fantastic Fabulous Freaking Friday


The title just about sums up my relief that today is Friday. Sorry for the crazy late post -- I guess it's technically not even Friday anymore. I had an exam this morning and then drove back home for another amazing Yoga Weekend. I cannot believe it’s already our 6th weekend! Wow. Anyway, it’s been making my plans crazy and hectic and everything in between. But, not to worry, I managed to find some great links for you all. Enjoy!

P.S. I found a wildly beautiful place in downtown Winston-Salem for yoga pictures… I’ll be working on them over the next couple weeks. Any poses you would like to see?


I recently started running again and this post served as a great reminder that running is just like any other practice.

I might just have to wear this instead of a tiara with my tutu on my birthday this year.

I will one day have food photos this beautiful…

I’ll be busting out this hairstyle for the weekend.

Hello holiday gift ideas!

Listening skills for everyone -- not just for business owners or managers.

How was everyone’s week?

Enjoy your weekend loves -- think good thoughts, send good vibes, and breathe deeply.


[try not to hold any blatant errors against me... long week xo]