Don't Worry, I Didn't Forget You || Friday Finds: The Holiday Edition || 12.19.14


Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Friday Finds. Can you taste, feel, embody the amazingness that is the holiday season? I wish people were like this all year round -- I'm talking about the happy cheerful people, here, not the ones that don't know there way around a thank you or please. Why can't people lend a helping hand and extend their light and love all year round??? I certainly hope that I keep others in mind for the rest of my life. Okay, rant be gone! I love the holidays and this season I get to really enjoy myself and do whatever strikes my fancy which is always a lot of fun. I threw together this holiday guide, because I've always wanted one like this, and why not? Plus, it's winter break, I love you guys, and it is never a bad idea to be inspired.

Clearly, this is how I feel about life lately. Also, I wish this weren't true, but another year and I’m single for the holidays. Here’s a list of my woes and their hopeful solutions. I'm really not upset about this that much. Just a little. And my mom definitely won't be -- more gifts for her!! Love you Mom xx!

Are you single for the holidays? What are your plans for the weekend? I need to get all glam for the holidays. And sleep. Definitely sleep. xx

LINKS & FINDS ||Ho Ho Holiday-Style

|| Holiday Look Essentials ||


Obsessed with this lived-in-eyeliner look – hello holiday essential.

Another great makeup idea – shimmery perfection.


Tussled hair and a smoky eye for the holidays? Is there anything else?

Loving this tousled up-do look, too!

My hair is finally long enough to play – here’s 15 inspirational tutorials for your holiday look.


Shearling Darling: current holiday covet. It looks amazinggg on my nails and toes.


I wrote about this look last week. Nothing under a blazer. Absolutely, yes.

New Years Outfit Ideas.

Love these looks. But why does the title have to include plus-size. It's a freaking style guide for any size.

|| Holiday Gifts & Guides ||

I would love love love this gift of a gift-giving kit.

Gift guides under $250 with links for under $100 and under $25 at the bottom of its post.

Joanna Goddard’s annual Gift Guide is the best in my world. Here’s the complete 2014 guide.

Last minute gift guide. Refinery29 style.

|| Holiday Decorating & Partying ||

Got a skirt around your tree? Check out this great Moroccan Wedding Inspired DIY Tree Skirt.

Planning a party? Here’s some preparation tips for the big day.

Set your timers. Cookie baking made quicker and simpler this year.

Did you appropriately pluralize your last name this year?

This drinking game for the holidays made me laugh out loud.

Entertainment tips.

|| Holiday Goodies ||

This weekend and next week will be filled with hot chocolate and Christmas movies*.

Fill your home with the smell of the holidays.

*Speaking of Christmas movies, I just watched Love Actually for the first time ever. How did I not know that this was gold? p.s. the link of the title is the cast then and now ; - ).

Have a cheerful, wrapped up and cozy, gleeful kind of weekend. Explore, love, hope, and be yourself. Always.


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