Written While Watching Netflix, Naturally || 12.22.14


This time of year always brings out the softest, nicest hearts in people all over the world. The other day I heard about a story of a man handing out crisp 100 dollar bills to the waitstaff in diners and coffee shops all over the area. Other people donate money to local shelters, volunteer their time, and spend their money on gifts for others rather than on themselves. The love is genuine and spirited, and I only wish that we saw this action and compassion not only in this time but all year round. My hope is that whomever reads this post continues the same loving generosity to all those in need despite the season or the hour.

Our minds are predisposed to think negatively first until our mental state turns positive. Like any other muscle, our mind can be exercised and shaped into one that performs exactly to our desire. If we want to be kind and compassionate individuals, we can change the way our mind works by choosing tolerance and kindness first rather than skepticism and hatred. My hope is that I work to choose the good stuff first and let go of the bad things a little quicker next time and the time after that. I know it is an evolution, a slow one at that, but I'm going to try one instance at a time. Anyone with me?

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? How can you think and act more optimistically and compassionately in the upcoming week, month and year?


I am grateful for fun nights spent eating good food and watching great television with a wonderful woman.

I am grateful for jobs that allow me to stay in beautiful places taking care of adorable animals.

I am grateful for the ever-present love that comes from non-humans.

I am grateful for this season which brings out the best in many people.

I am grateful for love and light and hope and magic.

What are you grateful for?


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