Always Come Back to Your Truth || 1.12.15


Funny, I just copied the post format from two days before winter break. Amazing how time can fly as I sit on my bed/couch/office in my home away from home. Back to the daily grind of business, nutrition, and school and the overwhelming necessity of naps. A chilly day for the world has me burrowing under blankets, trying to stay warm and optimistic. I'm going to plan a few self care moments over the course of the next four months. Any suggestions?

Remember that you do truly remain when all else fails. Everything crumbling around you does not mean you must crumble as well. Stand tall and be the strength, light, and wisdom needed to carry forward. Maintain hope and balance. Above all else, honor yourself and come back to your truth, always sharing your continuous love and support. You can do this. I can do this. We can do this. Let the wild rumpus start!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? What are you looking forward to this week?


I am grateful for acceptance.

I am grateful for kindness.

I am grateful for understanding.

I am grateful for guidance and the wisdom of others.

I am grateful for inspiration.

I am grateful for collaboration.

I am grateful for hope, joy, love, and light.

I am grateful to this new year, this new opportunity for personal freedom.

I am grateful for the strength to kick butt. Every. Single. Day.

What are you grateful for?


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