R E C I P E // A Little Yum: Smoothie Bowls

Green Smoothie BowlSpinach & Banana, Naturally


R E C I P E || what is a smoothie bowl? it's an amazing blend of frozen fruit and veggies that comes out in a frosty-esque consistency, perfect for upending into a bowl and eating with a spoon. It's cold, it forces you to really slow down and enjoy the nutrients (unlike guzzling a smoothie like a person who has just crossed the finish line in the Boston Marathon), and it's perfectly top-able and delicious. I love these over the summer for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and sometimes it tastes so good I want another. If the green freaks you out, try adding some cacao or cocoa and make it a chocolate frosty. You don't taste the greens in my opinion, but sometimes it's easier to eat something that looks like chocolate ice cream, am I right? I left the recipe purposely vague so you can experiment, and find your favorite combination. Starting with the base of banana and spinach (both frozen so it's super spoonable), anything else goes -- if I don't have almond milk, I'll use just water; if chia seeds and flax seeds are at a low, I'll omit or throw in a different seed if I have it on hand; if I don't want oatmeal in my smoothie (I normally add it on the days I run), I don't put it in there ... you guys get the idea, right? It's simple! 


+ 1-2 cups of Non-Dairy Milk
+ 1-2 cups of frozen spinach (if new to the world of green smoothies, start at 1 cup and work up)
+ 1 frozen banana (peel the banana and break it up into bite size pieces -- makes it easier on the blender -- and then place it in the freezer in a baggie or on a tray until frozen. they last forever so feel free to freeze in bulk)
+ Flax & Chia Seeds
+ 1-2 tbsp oatmeal
+ Almond butter to drizzle heavenly on top
+ Spices of Choice (I love cinnamon and nutmeg)
+ Ice (optional)

Add all of the ingredients* (minus the almond butter if you want to drizzle it on top) to a blender until all is combined. I've tried it with my nutribullet and it works just fine! 

*You want the milk to just cover the frozen banana and spinach. After you run it through the blender to get it started, you add very small amounts to help it blend completely, but not too much that it becomes any ol' smoothie -- it's all about that spooning action! If you made it too runny, no worries! Add a little more frozen banana or ice to it and thicken it right back up -- it's almost too simple to call it a recipe.

Why do we love Green Smoothies? The one above packs potassium, manganese, folate, fiber, vital vitamins and nutrients (think B6, C, E, omegas), as well as protein and more, and it's all jam packed into something that tastes amazing ;-). Plus, it makes your body glow from the inside out and feel like it can go for hours (if you're wondering how filling a simple recipe could be, try it out -- I think you'll be pleasantly surprised).

For another smoothie recipe, check out this Berry & Beet Smoothie or the non-bowl version of this recipe, The Training Wheels Green Smoothie.

+ have you tried smoothie bowls before ? was this a new idea for you? comment below or on facebook!

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