Weekly Finds || 5.22.15

 || Three Day Weekend to Celebrate & Remember ||

While this weekend is a beautiful time to sit around a fire, drinking some drinks and tossing back s'mores, let's not forget the real reason we have Monday off. Celebrate the freedom you have by giving thanks and gratitude that someone spends their days in stressful situations for our safety. Their brave dedication and love of their country affords us the opportunity to sit on our couches watching Netflix or working hard on the top floor of a skyscraper. I cherish the beauty that is not walking around worrying if this is my last day on Earth, but there are people out there with that worry, all so that we may move in peace. So I tip my hats to those ladies and gentleman and wish you all a happy weekend! Xx.

Did you miss the new recipe yesterday? A fresh take on the smoothie: blender bowls!

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I find it wildly funny to see pizza in the wild.

Find out what your name would be today. I would be Sophia (which is funny, because I want to name one of my babies -- who aren't coming any time soon, Ma -- this name)

Genius way to peel a whole garlic bulb. You're welcome?

Keep flowers fresh longer.

Gonna do a blog post on this later, but a preview of the perfect bowl.

150 Best Bars in America. I bet some of them will have Memorial Day specials wink wink.

I just adore all of these DIYs.

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