Mental Health Weekly Inspiration

Mental health is important. This week, we're trying to take care of ourselves and thought you might need to also. Xx. 


all the books

sometimes the best way to escape is curled under a blanket, sucked into a new book. this one is filled with wonderful intrigue and twists - plus it's written so well. 

self-confidence boost

sometimes when you're at your lowest, it's hard to remember you've got all the right things going for you. here's a great reminder. 


this ice cream

when all else fails, sometimes you just need ice cream. chocolate chip ice cream. make a big bowl, watch your favorite movie, and go back to bed. 

try working out

maybe a full trip to the gym is just too much. try this exercise schedule to elevate those endorphins and boost your strength. 

this look

casual and stylish. dressing can be hard when you're struggling with depression. throw this on, and get yourself doing something, like going to the farmers market, for a change of scenery and a mood lift.